Refusing the Scrooge Spirit

"...Through the tender mercy of our God, with which the Dayspring from on high has visited us..." -Luke 1:78

Has it occurred to you that God foresaw the eventual worldwide celebration His Son’s birth would bring about? He did! Contrary to the debunker’s refusal to enjoy a Godly spirit of celebration, God seems to delight in creating festive times for His people. An entire “string of lights,” so to speak, was assembled by Him in the Old Testament where He ordered feast-times on an average of every two or three months!

Of course, carnal and commercial celebrations miss the point of Christmas. We all know and acknowledge that. But, do not let the Scrooge spirit overthrow the Holy Spirit’s desire to awaken fresh expectancy and joy in your heart at this precious season.

God has visited us! That “the Word became flesh” brought about a new day. “Dayspring” means “dawn,” and as you approach Christmas this year, do so by welcoming the Holy Spirit’s rise with fresh joy, hope, and love.