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Discarding Old Baggage for a New Year

Discarding Old Baggage for a New Year

What difference does a new year make? When we come to the threshold of a New Year, many people make a cynical assessment that the difference between a few minutes on the clock isn't really that important. Yet there is no question that the minute before and the minute after certain events represent a radical difference in the lives of people. Consider the minute before and the minute after responding to the gospel and receiving the gift of salvation, or entering the waters of baptism.

We aren't superstitious people living in the empty supposition that everything changes because we flip the page of a calendar. But we do know that the Lord is faithful to steward whatever is given to Him.

Just as surely as a transaction takes place by the Holy Spirit to, in one moment, transfer a life from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light, when we come together on the brink of a New Year and declare our commitment: "Lord, we're giving ourselves to You as we step into a New Year," we can be confident God will honor that...

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