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The priority of worship is what God’s people are for and about. Worshipping God makes room for Him to do things more powerfully, readily and gloriously than anything we can do on our own. The more closely we align to God’s ways, His will and His Word, the more freely it opens the door for Him to work toward us.

Praise puts us into a stream. When we enter that stream with praise, the answers God has are waiting for us downstream. If we don’t praise, we become stagnant; we don’t move on to what He has. Worship becomes transforming. The promises of God are to be taken and applied. Knowing we are God’s people, we are to share that in the love of Jesus Christ.


Step Into the Rain of Restoration!

When we get under the rain of His divine grace and glory, the Lord will begin to flow His Spirit into the grieved places in our souls and flush them out.

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Listen - Living Way Radio