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Building a House of Worship Where You Live

Building a House of Worship Where You Live

The rich legacy of the Book of Psalms applies to our worship today, just as it did to that of the early Church. David’s exhortation to praise and worship the Lord and to rejoice before Him is also punctuated by his heartfelt testimony of human trial and passion. David’s anger, sorrow, broken-heartedness, grief, confession and repentance before the Lord are the milestones he left behind, and by which, we can trace our own walk of faith.

 As David so vividly testifies from his own life, worship brings not only our praise and adoration to the altar of the Lord, but also our difficulties and limitations. The humbling of our will, joined to our worship of God at the altar, will produce a power encounter with Him of majestic proportions.

Whether you have a believing spouse or family, you live alone, or are a single parent, I would like to share a few practical suggestions that you can incorporate  to offer sacrifices of praise and make your home a worship center...  

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You Need to Clean House!

One of the devil’s most effective tactics to “steal, kill and destroy” is to create division. (John 10:10). Discover how to guard your heart and your home from this devastating spirit.

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