March 2021

The Battle is the Lord’s!



When God begins to work powerfully, He starts in those that seek Him with their whole heart. Preparedness comes as we seek the face of God through prayer and His Word. When God promises something, that does not guarantee it will come about, but rather He requires someone to partner with him in the process. He looks for an open and receptive heart in order to bring about what He wants to accomplish on earth. Just as Joshua went in to possess the land, so must God’s people go in to possess His promises.


Believers today are to possess His promises for their personal lives, marriages, and families. This is the promised fulfillment of dreams He has placed on their hearts and promises concerning their businesses, cities, nation, world, and beyond. Promises are fulfilled when people respond. We are not wrestling with God to get an answer, but rather contending in prayer to impact the invisible spiritual realm where the obstacles are.

“Therefore, I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men” (1 Timothy 2:1). The world is shaped through the power of prayer to the degree the Church rises to her calling. As modeled in the life of Daniel, spiritual breakthrough comes when the powers of darkness are broken through prayer and praise, through one who remains in an attitude of preparedness, ready to partner with God.


Sometimes we need to petition for invisible escort through a difficult time or area. Ezra had spoken so boldly about God’s hand of protection on them that he didn’t ask the king for an escort of soldiers and horses on the long journey to Jerusalem. They had given great testimony to their protection being in the hands of God (Ezra 8:22). There was an enemy in the way!

Ezra called the people to a season of fasting in preparation for the remainder of their dangerous journey and God answered their prayers (Ezra 8:23). We too should recognize we don’t have to wait for a crisis or attack. Like Ezra we can call for God’s protection in advance. They anticipated their adversary with a season of fasting and prayer keeping an eye toward His purposes being released through them in Jerusalem.

The adversary seeks to hinder God’s people individually and corporately. Anticipate the enemy on the way through fasting and prayer. Firm up your commitment to that which God has called you.

The reason Ezra and God’s people arrived safely in Jerusalem was because they anticipated the adversary and depended upon the Lord rather than being at the mercy of the enemy. They mounted up, lifted their heads high, and prepared themselves for the new season ahead of them through fasting and prayer.

What new God-appointed season lies ahead for you? Come before Him now anticipating the adversary and you too shall be brought all the way through the land of the enemy in peace!


God is sovereign and can intervene in any situation at any time; however, as we see in Daniel 10, there is a three-week delay between the time Daniel fasts and prays, and the response of the Angel of the Lord. Daniel’s experience demonstrates how integrally related our partnership is to Kingdom movement. Daniel 10 also illustrates that the “Kairos” manifestation of the pre-incarnate Christ cannot fully be understood from our human perspective. We must trust that the heavens are moving and advancing the Kingdom as we soldier on in prayer.

Prophecy can be a catalyst for our combat. What God had previously shown Daniel wasn’t rapidly coming about. Wanting to see the purposes of God on earth, he set himself to fasting and prayer, in recognition that God had shown him something, and that those things might be released. He mourned three full weeks and restricted himself the pleasantries of life (Daniel 10:2-3).

God appeared in response to Daniel’s persistent words of prayer and humble heart (Daniel 9:12) God has committed Himself to answer whenever you call. He frees Himself to move in conjunction with you when you partner in prayer. God makes it very clear He seeks a people that will rise in understanding and nobility of their calling, fulfilling His destiny and purpose in them. Don’t expect God to move automatically in any situation without His people calling upon Him in prayer. As we move with Him, we grow into more responsibility.


“But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia” (Daniel 9:13).

There is another realm where the great issues of this world are decided. We are not eroding the almightiness of God by believing exactly what the Scripture says: Daniel was detained; Michael came and helped. Daniel was on earth praying and fasting while the invisible realm responded moving in accordance with Daniel’s prayers. The Lord works in partnership with us filling the vacuum of the need. Do you believe angelic hosts begin to move in response to your prayers, breaking the spiritual power of darkness? In the breaking of that spiritual power comes the release of the redemptive purpose and revelation of His will.

God accepts everyone but favors those that are open to being used by Him. Will you give Him a chance to work mightily in you?

You can start by recognizing the enemy, anticipating His opposition, partnering with God, and persisting in prayer until the struggle is overpowered by the might of Lord of Angel Armies. In these uncertain times, more than ever, we need the hope and peace that passes all understanding, to overcome the enemy and triumph victoriously!

Blessings to you all!
Your Friends at Jack Hayford Ministries

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This article has been adapted from a compilation of Jack Hayford’s messages and writing.


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