Living Transparently

But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another... 1 John 1:7

Another idea implied in the word koinonia is of “publicness.” If we are to walk in the light of our Lord, there will be something of publicness in our lives with one another. What does this mean?

Many of us are afraid to share what is inside our hearts for fear of being judged or rejected. We fear “going public” with our weaknesses and failings. Our fellowship as believers and children of the light is supposed to dispel fear and allow us to be transparent, weak, vulnerable, and still be accepted by one another.

If there is anything John writes about, it is love. Our love for the Lord is the basis of our love for one another. And our love for one another is the basis of this ability to be transparent.

Are we loving? Are we reaching out? Are we living openly and transparently? Are we trustworthy enough to allow others to “go public” with us?

1 John