Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. -Psalm 119:105

All of us are too inexperienced to try to make it through life without a guide. God’s Word is that guide. Psalm 119 unfolds many of the features of God’s Word, showing how dynamically and practically it will assist us in all of life’s circumstances. However, no single verse clearly illustrates this more than verse 105, which shows how God’s Word lights the way, giving direction for each step (“to my feet”) and giving wisdom for long-range plans (“to my path”).

Joshua links the regular application of God’s Word to life as the most certain way to both success and prosperity in living (Josh. 1:8). Further, Psalm 119:130 notes the wisdom God’s Word gives to the “simple,” reminding us not to make decisions based on humanistic ideas or senselessness. Proverbs 6:23 reminds us that the reproofs of God are essential for our lives.

Let God’s Word guide, correct, instruct, lead, teach, and confirm. Do not hasten ahead without it!