So continuing daily with one accord … praising God and having favor with all the people. Acts 2:46, 47

The people of God worship, and when we do, we worship together. Thus, the church forms a worshipping community. Our primary meaning comes from our relationship with God as people who worship Him. But part of our meaning comes from our relationship with others as the community worships together. Our life together is based on shared worship. We discover that what is true of the whole church is true of all its parts. Each segment of the church gains its reality as community when its members worship. Husbands and wives find a new dimension of oneness as they worship together. Parents who pray with their children strengthen already existing ties. Small groups, committees, boards, and task forces move beyond natural affinity and shared work to supernatural unity as they commit themselves to worship together. The choir preparing to lead the congregation in praise discovers a new measure of harmony when part of their preparation is shared worship.

Scripture Reference: Acts

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