The Benefits of His Word

Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You. -Psalm 119:11

Psalm 119 exalts the Word of the Lord like no other passage in Scripture. The Word is referred to in every verse and is referred to by many different names: the Law, commandments, testimonies, statutes, precepts, judgments, ordinance, Word, and way. 

The benefits of the Word are numerous. “Those who keep His testimonies … do no iniquity” (vv. 2, 3). His statutes prevent shame (v. 6), and sin (v. 11), and can be our song (v. 54). His testimonies bring delight (v. 24). His Word revives (v. 25), strengthens (v. 28), and cleanses (v. 9); brings salvation (v. 41) and mercy (v. 58); gives life (v. 50) and hope (v. 74); and keeps us from straying (v. 67). His commandments give understanding (v. 73). And that is only the beginning! 

There is no greater gift that we can give to our children than a thirst, an appreciation and a love for God’s Word. As our children store up God’s Word in their hearts, it will give them sure footing for life. “I thought about my ways, and turned my feet to Your testimonies. I … did not delay to keep Your commandments.”