Visited with the Incredible

"For with God nothing will be impossible." -Luke 1:37

This much-quoted verse is seldom linked with the Christmas story, but it lies at its center. The statement was made to Mary, as she was receiving the most incredible promise ever given to a human being concerning physical possibilities: You (a virgin) shall have a child, and the child will be God’s Son! (v. 31)

Of course we revel in this marvelous invasion of our world with the mercy-gift of Jesus, our Savior. His miraculous entry, via a virgin birth, is an overwhelming mystery and a profound article of our faith. Christ’s miraculous birth into the world is not only a physical fact fulfilled in the past. It is also a spiritual possibility today!

Just as Christ was presented to the world in a physical way through Mary, the Lord Jesus wants to be presented to the world in a mighty, spiritual way today through you and me! “Wait,” we might say with Mary, “How can this be?” The answer is the same to us as to her, “The power of the Holy Spirit shall come upon you!” (v. 35)

The miracle of Christmas is repeated, in a new way, over and over, as we are visited with the incredible gift of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27).