The Purpose of Prosperity

God be merciful to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us... -Psalm 67:1

This psalm begins with the priestly benediction found in Numbers 6:24–26. It was given by the Lord to Moses for Aaron and his sons so they might “put My Name on the children of Israel, and bless them” (Num. 6:27). This blessing included not only peace, but prosperity. The psalmist writes: “Then the earth shall yield her increase; God, our own God, shall bless us” (Ps. 67:6). But it is clear that the material prosperity of God’s people was intended to assist in making His way known on earth and sharing His salvation among the nations.

Some wrongly believe that money is the root of all evil. This is not so. It is not the amount of money or possessions we have, but how they are used that is right or wrong. God is not against prosperity. He desires to bless His people so His kingdom may expand.

Pray that a spirit of liberality would characterize God’s people. May clear understanding of God’s purpose for prosperity sweep across the Body of Christ so that God’s “way may be known on earth, His salvation among all nations.”