Strategy in Prayer

My voice You shall hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning I will direct it to You, and I will look up. -Psalm 5:3

Consistent, daily prayer, or “morning by morning” as verse 3 can be translated, is a beginning point to spiritual effectiveness in prayer. David uses the Hebrew word ‘arak, which means “direct,” in his declaration that he would bring his petitions to God daily. ‘Arak is most frequently used in Moses’ writings in reference to the priests “setting in order” the sacrifices to be brought before the Lord each day (Ex. 40:4). It also describes an army being “set in array” in preparation for battle (Judg. 20:20–22). This indicates an ordered strategy for battle. David clearly states he had a well-thought strategy to his prayers. Accordingly, his prayer life was filled with purpose and meaning. 

What a joy to bring before the Lord everyday a new sacrifice of our lives (Rom. 12:1), and to prepare ourselves systematically for spiritual warfare. Our greatest victories are rarely won in an instant, but in the morning-by-morning application of His truth and power, which overthrows the strongholds of darkness in our world and secures His purpose in us.