Song of Deliverance

You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. -Psalm 32:7

“Deliverance” is one of the giant words of the Scriptures. It is a broadly inclusive term which describes: (1) forgiveness of sin, (2) redemption from eternal death, (3) recovery of physical health, (4) release from spiritual bondage, and (5) rescue from difficult situations. As our Savior, Jesus has become our Deliverer. The essence of the meaning of salvation is deliverance.

So when we read of “songs of deliverance,” we well may tune our souls to the promise and potential of such power being put on human lips. David sang, and Saul was relieved of demonic oppression. Jehoshaphat’s choir sang, and their enemies were conquered. Paul and Silas sang, and an earthquake shook their chains free, and a Roman guard along with his whole household were brought into God’s kingdom. Songs of deliverance are real instruments of divine grace.

As the carols of Christmas fill the air, let each one be more than a ritual. Lift these testimonies of the King who has come, and let the Holy Spirit fill your praise until they become songs of deliverance! The King is here!