Renewed Understanding of His Kingdom

Then Samuel said to the people, “Come, let us go to Gilgal and there renew the kingship.” -1 Samuel 11:14, NIV

The phrase, “the Kingdom of God” is more than familiar. It has almost become stale. Still, these words – at the heart of Jesus’ preaching – deserve to be the best understood in all our minds. We need to grasp their fullness, weight, and dimension.

There is a worldwide spiritual renewal in progress throughout the Church today.

Wherever it is occurring, a richer understanding of the kingdom seems to be related to this renewal. What “new” or “renewing” of kingdom truth do I need to hear and receive? 1 Samuel 11 tells a story of a vicious monarch’s effort at gouging out the eyes of every individual in an ancient village of Israel. In response, Saul, their newly crowned leader, rises to smash Nahash, the arrogant enemy who proposed the blinding torture. As a result, the whole population of Israel saw; not only by reason of their vision having been spared, but also by the beauty and power of Saul, their God-given king!

Samuel’s call, “Come . . . let us renew the kingdom,” may well be heard by all of us today. As our adversary the devil seeks to blind us to the glories and the power of Jesus Himself, let us instead “Come…” and be renewed in our understanding of Him–His kingdom’s power and glory.

1 Samuel