Light to the Nations

   "...Indeed He says, 'it is too small a thing that You should be My Servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved ones of Israel; I will also give You as a light to the Gentiles, that You should be My salvation to the ends of the earth.'"  -Isaiah 49:6

This passage comes from one of the so-called “Servant Songs” in Isaiah. Each of these songs is about Yahweh’s servant through whom He will accomplish His redemptive purposes in the world. The nation of Israel, as a “kingdom of priests” (Exod. 19:6), was chosen to be this servant, but she proved to be an unfaithful witness of God’s saving nature and purpose.

Thus, another servant was chosen, one who would do God’s will fully. Not only would He restore Israel, He would also be given “as a light to the Gentiles.” At Jesus’ dedication in the temple, aged Simeon identifies the baby as the “light to bring revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel” (Luke 2:32).

Now that Jesus, the Light of the world, has returned to heaven, His people are to be God’s light of revelation both to Israel and the nations. The mission of the Messiah is now our mission: to be a light to the nations, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.

How bright is your light? Is it shining to the nations?