Laws for Living

"Your laws endure to this day, for all things serve you." -Psalm 119:91, NIV

Though times and seasons change, though social customs, human opinions, and philosophical viewpoints vary, they have no effect on the constancy or authority of God’s Word. 

Just as He spoke and the earth was created and is sustained, so He has spoken regarding His laws for living. The relativism of human thought does not affect His authority or standards. Whatever our past rebellion, when we come to Christ, we need to make God’s Word the governing principle for our life. Jesus conclusively declares this in John 8:47, “He who is of God hears God’s words.” James 1:22 further exhorts us to “be doers of the word, and not hearers only.” The word we hear will ultimately require action.  

Where does the Word need to be applied in your life today? As we hear and yield to the authority of God’s Word, we verify that we are no longer dominated by the world’s spirit of error (1 John 4:6). You are applying the power, promise, and blessing of His Word to your life.