Kingdom Triumph

 On His robe and on His thigh he has this name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. -Revelation 19:16

The message of the Kingdom of God (1) echoes in the teaching of our Lord Jesus during His earthly ministry, (2) was taught to His disciples as “the Gospel of the Kingdom” they were to preach, and (3) provided the thrust of the early Church’s witness. So today, we hold this timeless message—proclaiming “The King has come and His kingdom is present today with power!” And at the same time we declare, “The King is coming and His kingdom will someday be manifest in even greater glory!” The Revelation shows us how this dual vision converges as one message. 

In Revelation 12 we see the Church warring. There are casualties and there are victories; there are struggles and there are moments of mighty overcoming. The testimony of the Lamb, overcoming through the Blood and proclaimed through the Word, is ours to hold forth as He is manifesting kingdom power now! But the ultimate display of kingdom power awaits the final day. As Jesus Himself leads the final charge against all forms of evil, we see the Church winning (Rev. 14). Until then we serve Him in the confidence of “kingdom triumphs”—now and evermore!