His Many Benefits

Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits:... -Psalm 103:2

How do we bless God? God is blessed when we remember and speak words of thanks for His benefits to us. True praise does not have to be “worked up.” It is the natural response of remembering God’s benefits to us. Let us look at some of these benefits recorded in this Psalm. 

I came in with a burden of sin and uncleanness. He cleansed me, and I came out whole (v. 3). Bless God! I came in crippled with disease and sickness. He released me, healed me, and I came out whole (v. 3). Bless God! I came in traveling a downward road to the pit, hell, and destruction. He snatched me from it and turned me around, and I came out on the upward way leading to life everlasting (v. 4). Bless God! He gave me royal standing. I am a child of the King and enjoy the benefits of His kingdom (v. 4). Bless God! He replaced my dissatisfaction with good things and now my longings are fulfilled (v. 5). Bless God!