His Eminence

The LORD is high above all nations, His glory above the heavens. -Psalm 113:4

“Eminence” refers to the high position of God. “Who is a God like You?” asks the prophet Micah (7:18). He gets no response; there is no one like God.

God is far above all people on earth. Consider the power that may rest in one person, a general, a king, or a president. God is far above him in power. “Who is like the LORD our God, who dwells on high, who humbles Himself to behold the things that are in the heavens and in the earth?” (Ps. 113:5, 6). Our exalted Lord looks down from His throne, not just on earth, but on the heavens.

Here is reason to praise the Lord. He is not bound to our boundaries, nor tied by our time. His resources are unlimited. His power and authority unequalled. So, “Praise the LORD!” for His perspective is right and His might is abundant.