God’s Priorities

Thus says the LORD of hosts: “Consider your ways!” -Haggai 1:5

Nearly two decades had passed since God’s people returned from Babylon and laid the foundation of the temple in Jerusalem. The initial opposition that delayed further building had long passed, but the people did not get back to building the temple. They were preoccupied with building their own houses while God’s house lay in ruins! Therefore, the Lord sent drought and recession and blew away their profits (Hag. 1:9–11).

Haggai calls the people to put first things first, to get back to rebuilding the temple. And they did so in less than a month! Then the drought and recession ended! The Lord had amazing plans for this second temple. Its glory would transcend even Solomon’s temple, for into its courts would come the Messiah Himself, and He would bring peace (Hag. 2:6–9; Mal. 3:1).

Today, God’s dwelling is in His people, not in temples made with human hands. Are we preoccupied with God’s priorities or ours? Are we extending His kingdom or ours?