Faith in Operation

For he and all who were with him were astonished at the catch of fish which they had taken;... -Luke 5:9

Jesus taught about seed-sowing and the importance of planting in good soil (see Mark 4:1–20). Then, as if to illustrate His point, He told this group of discouraged and tired fishermen to launch out in faith for a miracle catch. 

These men had just given Jesus the greatest possession that fishermen have—their boat. Here, Jesus stood and preached the gospel. In that moment, they served the greatest need Jesus had. Then Jesus immediately turned and multiplied that gift back to them in the most practical way, meeting the greatest need they had. 

As commercial fishermen, they needed fish in order to make a living. As men, they also needed to see God at work in their lives. They needed to know that Jesus was who He claimed to be. They needed to know faith was in operation. Jesus met all of those needs!  

When you give everything to the Lord, from the simplest of things to the greatest, the returns are incredible! And He will reveal Himself to you with all of His grace and power!