Expect to Receive

Then Amaziah said to the man of God, “But what shall we do about the hundred talents which I have given to the troops of Israel?” And the man of God answered, “The LORD is able to give you much more than this.” -2 Chronicles 25:9

In human economy, the law of supply and demand regulates the price paid for goods and services. In times of oversupply, prices fall; in times of shortage, prices rise. Our economy fluctuates with the times and seasons.  

God’s economy, however, has no shortages. God’s supply always exceeds our need. He does not want His people to lack, but rather, to “have an abundance for every good work” (2 Cor. 9:8). Do we think that if we give something to God, we will have less? No! We can never out give God. No matter what we give to Him, He will multiply it back to us in an amount greater than we gave. 

Our ability to receive, however, is not automatic. Expecting to receive, like freedom to give, is an act of our faith. The farmer learns that both planting the seed and receiving the harvest are acts of faith. Is there something you need to give? Then let it go in faith. Is there something you need to receive? Then embrace it in faith.  

For seedtime and harvest are in God’s hands. 

2 Chronicles