Equal Before Christ

...but if you show partiality, you commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressors. -James 2:9

Human value cannot be equated with race, gender, wealth, social standing, or educational background. All people are significant and valuable in God’s order. And He challenges us to place value on all life, however wasted we think that life may be.

The demon of Gadara is a case in point (Luke 8:26–39). If there were ever a pointless existence, this appeared to be it. Yet Jesus, in His great compassion, saw worth and purpose in the man’s life. He ministered to him, brought him freedom, clothed him, and gave him a purpose.

To regard one race, group, or individual as less important than another is sin, in view of the fact that Christ died for all people and for each one in particular. At the foot of the Cross we are all equal, both in our worth to God (He sent His Son to die for each of us) and in our need to accept His gift of salvation. Let us learn to respect and honor every person and each people. Redemption is for us all.