Have Yourself a “Mary” Christmas!

Written by Jack Hayford
Have Yourself a “Mary” Christmas!

Christmas is the great celebration of God’s redemptive entry into our world by the miracle of the Incarnation. With His love came God’s divine power to recover life, restore loss and release liberty through His Son, Jesus Christ.

That redemptive invasion of human circumstance took place through an ordinary person, Mary. Visited by the angel Gabriel and told she would conceive and bring forth the Son of the Highest, Mary, who was a virgin, knew this was an impossible proposition by human terms. Yet she received the Lord’s promise: “Let it be to me according to your word.” No word of God is without the power to fulfill the promise.

God’s entry point was through a person no different from you and me. When we know the love of God in Jesus Christ, we too become candidates for the redemptive entry of His Spirit that exceeds anything we could do in ourselves. Receiving the promise of God is not unlike becoming pregnant, because it works in you something you could never conceive on our own.

So this year, loved one, let’s wish one another a “Mary” Christmas!