I have always been humored by meteorologists excitement about storm season. Severe and disruptive weather has never been something I have found to be very much fun, but storms are something that every person faces, both in the physical weather sense and in the life circumstance sense.

The Bible is full of lessons about storms, and these lessons mirror the types of challenging circumstances you and me face in life. One type of storm the Bible talks about is a storm that is seemingly endless. These storms wear down, exhaust, and exasperate those that are in the midst of them.

Blessedly, the Bible also offers sound counsel and guidance about how to do more than survive these storms. Scripture also encourages believers with practical truths to sustain their strength, settle their souls, and help them gain victory by coming to the other side of these storms.

As a “thank you” for your gift of $35 or more to support Jack Hayford Ministries, we would like to send you Pastor Jack’s special audio series, Storms. These products will help strengthen and equip you to face the storms of life and to settle your soul as you face the winds of adversity.

While the Lord does not design storms for us, He does sometimes give us assignments that require us to “weather” a stormy season. He uses these seasons to develop and mature us into the people He has designed for us to be.

I’ve prepared these faith-filled and sustaining messages to help you keep moving forward in stormy seasons, so you can experience the victorious and joy-filled ending God has planned for you at the end of the storm!

Audio Messages include:

When You’re Stuck in a Storm, How to Face Sudden Fear, Dealing With Daily Difficulty, Assured of God’s Indestructible Purpose, and Praise: The Pathway of Triumph.