God truly has pressed His Kingdom resources into His children’s hands, and He calls them to be People of the Horizon that usher His power, light, and love into the world around them. When believers encounter needs that are too great for them to meet in their own human capacity, they can meet these needs through the Kingdom resources they have access to as God’s children.

But, they do not have to do all of this on their own! When God’s children link arms and partner together, they will be able do more to advance God’s kingdom than they could ever do on their own!

Bringing God’s Kingdom to earth is one of the foremost purposes of all believers’ lives, but God has a unique path for each person to do so. To help believers understand how to fulfill God’s purposes for their lives—both individually and as partners—Pastor Jack has prepared special messages that share how to establish the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth and how to move in the power of the Holy Spirit to access Kingdom resources.

As a “thank you” for your gift of $30 or more to support Jack Hayford Ministries, we would like to send you Pastor Jack’s book The Key to Everything and his special audio series Kingdom Power. These messages will help you identify ministry opportunities and live out your call to be a Person of the Horizon that impacts lives for Jesus and brings about spiritual sunrises.

Audio Messages include:

The Key to Everything (book), and The Unquenchable Purpose of God, Assured of God’s Indestructible Purpose, and Chosen for His Purpose (audio messages)