Ministry Letter

Ministry Letter

February 2017

Discover Good Spiritual Housekeeping


Dear Loved One,

Have you noticed it? Both here in the United States and around the world, many people are witnessing a rise of distrust and contention. It’s not simply on the national or world stage either. It’s taking root in our communities and neighborhoods. This insidious spirit has been at work to ruin relationships, spark anger, and create situations that foster chaos and violence.

As believers in Jesus, it is critical we recognize that this spirit is from the enemy. One of the devil’s most effective tactics to “steal, kill and destroy,” is to create division. (John 10:10).

Jesus spoke of the dangers of division in Matthew 12:25 when he said, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” (NKJV).

“Pastor Jack,” you may be wondering, “what can I do? How can I take a stand against the enemy?”

As I’ve prayed about this, the Lord has impressed on my heart to speak a word of blessing and encouragement over you and your family, and to share with you how to guard your heart and your home from this spirit and its devastating effects.

It all starts with building a joyous house . . .

Loved One, the house I’m talking about is yours, but it’s not just the physical place you live, although the atmosphere there can have great implications. When the Bible speaks about your house, it’s talking about your family and other relationships; it involves your business or work, your area of influence and everything in your realm of stewardship or duty.

The way for your house to be built in the joy of the Lord is for you to be established in His purposes. The Lord created you and knows what He designed you for, and all His plans were designed for your fruitfulness and fulfillment. God longs for you to have joy and be established in Him.

God doesn’t need anything, but He derives immense fulfillment in seeing you and me live out the purposes He created us for!

Believers are called to live an excellent life.

The excellent life is defined by Jesus’ words, “He that would be greatest or the one who excels let him be the servant of all.” (Matthew 23:11). This means the excellent life is a life of serving others.

To build a joyous house, we must have a mindset that, at the bottom line, is more concerned with others than with ourselves.

Now, a mindset of serving others runs directly in conflict with the general mindset in our world today. Everything about our society shouts, “Get yours! If you don’t look out for yourself, nobody is going to look out for you.” This mindset of selfishness is the spirit of death, because every time we seek to put our life first, we end up losing it. Jesus warns us about this in Matthew 16:25.

Although we may not be thoroughly infected, every one of us is effected by the world’s mindset. And we all may need a reminder, from time to time, that Jesus came not simply to save our lives for ourselves. He came to save us so we could be His instruments and touch others with His life-saving power.

But, this cannot happen as long as a self-serving mindset exists. Nor can we be the Body of Christ we’re called to be on those terms. Please hear this, Loved One, what we become personally will shape the Body of Christ and affect the life of the Church. And the health and life of the Church has a great impact on the world.

Guard against the leaks!

Paul wrote to the Philippian church when they were facing a difficult season and encouraged them to be “like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:2-4).

In these verses he was essentially saying, “Don’t let leaks in the system. Don’t let the things of the flesh come in to divide and dissolve what the Lord wants to establish and do in a joyous house.”

Loved One, the flesh has all kinds of rotten attitudes and, once the flesh makes room for the enemy, he crowds in and begins to manipulate attitudes and dominate thoughts.

In order to effectively guard our heart and house, there are a few things we should be aware of and zealous to guard against . . .

One of the first things is the contention that often arises over issues of control. This is the spirit of lust. Most people think of lust with a moral connotation, but that’s only a small part of how lust manifests. Lust is essentially a quest for control. It says, “I want to be in charge. I want to possess and own this. I have to be right.”

The reason some relationships don’t make headway, and later crash, is because people are not growing together. They are not learning to see the “rightness” each person can bring to a relationship.

Loss of control is often followed by anger. Anytime people feel they have “lost” in a situation, anger is poised and ready to try and enter their hearts and lives. If anger is not dealt with before the Lord, it deepens and becomes bitterness and resentment. This gives way to seeds of contempt growing, which later sprout into hate, and hate is manifested a lot of different ways.

As believers, we must guard against these dangerous, fleshly attitudes and, as they arise, deal with them quickly and wholly before the Lord by the help and power of His Holy Spirit.

Recognize the spirit of division.

When someone decides to be done trying in a relationship, their attitude draws a line that says, “I am now on this side, and you are now on that side.” They are no longer together and, right there, division takes place.

After the spirit of division takes hold of a situation, there comes absolute blindness. No longer can any good be seen in the other person, nor can they be heard, even if they tried to reconcile. What follows is the total compromise and dissolution of the relationship. This is where disunity is fully established, and the enemy rejoices every time it happens.

Loved One, I do not share these things to be overly negative or dreary. I am sharing this because it applies to and can impact everything in your house—your marriage, your family, your relationships, and your business or vocational pursuits. This is how the spirit of division tries to dissolve everything in a joyous house of the Lord.

My heart is to emphasize to you the importance of guarding your house and, when leaks do arise, fixing them with spiritual awareness and urgency!

Built in God’s Joy. Established in His Purposes.

Houses are built in God’s joy and established in His purposes when people give of themselves and understand a serving mindset. As believers, we are called to be people that let our hearts learn to beat like our Father’s and let our minds have a spirit of service like His. As we do this, we will find the pathway to what God created us to be, and our lives will excel.

The pathway to excellence is realized when we joyfully submit to the life Jesus has called us to, and we guard against the “leaks” by recognizing and casting out those things that seek to dissolve and destroy.

Loved One, my prayer over you and your family is this: that you will experience the fullness of all our Father God has for you. I pray He will fill you with His Holy Spirit, and that everything your house includes will be established and secured by His Spirit. I also pray everything of hell or the flesh that would divide or dissolve your house be now bound up and cast out in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Amen!

Established in His Purposes,

Pastor Jack

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