Ministry Letter

Ministry Letter

August 2015

Dear Loved One,

     Our God is a God of miracles. As believers we know it. We’ve read about it in the Bible and we’ve seen proof of it in our own lives. To one degree or another, we’ve all experienced things that—whether or not they were spectacular or sensational—were very powerful, very personal, and undeniably God.

     For most of us, however, there’s one problem with such miracles: They simply don’t happen as often as we’d like. They seem to show up, like grandmother’s good china, on special occasions rather than cropping up regularly in our everyday life.

     Have you ever wondered why that is?

     It’s certainly not what God intended. He knows we need miracles of one kind or another most every day. And as our loving Heavenly Father, He wants to give them to us. He wants to perform miracles for us, in big ways and small ways, not only when we’re facing some major crisis, but all the time.

     Even right now, at this very moment, God has some kind of miracle in store for you. There’s no question about it. The only question is: Are you going make room for it in your life?

What does it mean to make room for a miracle?

     You can see a scriptural picture of it in the story of Jairus found in the fifth chapter of Mark. He was a man who most definitely needed a miracle! His daughter was critically ill and when Jesus was going with him to his house to heal her, they had an encounter that, from Jairus’ perspective, turned into a deadly delay. You’re familiar with the story . . .

     A woman with an issue of blood pushed her way through the crowd surrounding Jesus, touched the hem of His garment, and was healed. When He stopped to minister to her, a messenger came running to Jairus with the worst possible news: They were too late. His daughter had died.

     Before Jairus could react, however, Jesus responded with words that, although full of depth and meaning, must have been baffling to Jairus.

Do not be afraid; only believe.” (NKJV v. 36)

     When you need a miracle in some area of your life, Jesus is saying the same words to you. “Don’t be afraid, only believe.” It’s a simple instruction but—especially in times of trouble when it looks like things are falling apart—it’s one you need to hear and apply many times a day. It’s the answer to the cynicism in your mind that argues against the promises of God. “Don’t be afraid, only believe.”

“But Pastor Jack, that’s not easy to do!” you might say.

When I need a miracle the most is usually when

my fears are most overwhelming.”

     I understand. I’ve been there. At times, chaos besets every one of us. Circumstances burst upon us. Pressures buzz in our minds like flies and fear stampedes us. But what Jesus did when He arrived at Jairus’ house gives us insight that will help get us through. When He found the house filled, according to the custom of the day, with professional mourners:

     Jesus “. . . put them all outside” (NKJV v. 40).

     There’s a lesson here for us. The mourners were wailing. They were loud, confusing, distracting—full of chaos. That’s what our lives often are like when we need a miracle. Our heads are in a tumult! We can’t hear the voice of God for all the thoughts swirling in our minds. So we need to do what Jesus did. We need to get rid of that chaos and those dark and confusing thoughts. We need to put them all outside!

     How do we accomplish this? By bringing in the Word of God! When we focus on God’s Word, our inner condition changes. Light replaces darkness. Confusion is dispelled and peace fills our hearts.

     In other words, we experience something like what happened in Genesis 1. There, in the account of creation, the Bible says that in the beginning, the earth was chaotic. It was “. . . without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” (v. 2). But when God spoke, His Word changed everything.He said, “Let there be light” (v. 3) and there was light.

     Today God is still speaking through His written Word, which He quickens to us by His Holy Spirit. And that Word is as powerful now as it ever was! Psalm 119 says, “The entrance of Your words gives light . . .” (NKJV v. 130). So, if you want the darkness, upheaval and confusion to go—and the miracle to come—then let in the light.

 Then give God space to work.

     That’s another thing Jesus did when He put out the mourners at Jairus’ house. The mourners represented pressure and hurry. They were shouting, “It’s too late for anything good to happen here! The time for miracles has passed! It’s time to start planning a funeral!” But Jesus refused to let them impose their limits on Him.

     He sent them away and took time to arrange things like He wanted them. He brought Jarius and his wife, along with three of His disciples, into the little girl’s room. Then, when He was ready, He raised her from the dead.

     This is something worth remembering when you want to receive a miracle: God works in His time and in His way, so you need to give Him space. You need to follow the example we see, not only in the story of Jairus, but also in another Bible story. This one is found in the third chapter of Joshua. It’s about the children of Israel crossing the Jordan River as they were moving into The Promised Land.

     As you may remember, when they were preparing for that crossing, the Lord instructed the Israelites to do something that seemed a bit unsettling. He essentially told them, “Instead of following right behind the Ark of the Covenant as you usually do, let the priests bearing the Ark move out ahead of you 1000 yards.”

     A thousand yards is the distance of ten football fields, or half a mile! For the Israelites that must have seemed like a long way. They’d never been that far from the Ark of God’s presence before. As they watched it getting farther away with every step the priests took, they must have felt like they were being forsaken. Yet Joshua assured them:

“The Lord’s going to work wonders. Just leave a space for

Him to work. Wait and watch what He’s going to do.”

     Personally, I’m not particularly gifted at waiting for God to do something. Patience hasn’t always been my greatest strength. So if I’d been there, I might have been tempted to give in to anxiety, take matters into my own hands, and do something on my own! But that kind of self-sufficiency won’t make room for a miracle and, in this instance, the Israelites didn’t resort to it. They waited in faith on the Lord.

     Sure enough, the miracle happened. The priests stepped into the water and the water stopped flowing 14 miles up the river . . . and after some time they crossed over on dry ground.

     Loved one, the same kind of miracle can happen to you. No matter how forsaken you may feel at times or how hopeless the situation you’re facing may seem to be, God can do the impossible for you.

So let me ask you something:

What miracle do you need today?

     Whatever it is, Jesus wants to perform it. As your precious Savior, He is eager to help you just like He helped Jairus and his daughter, and the woman with the issue of blood. He’s willing to move in your life just like God did at creation and at the Jordan River for the children of Israel. As you make room for Him and give Him space and time, He’ll do miraculous things for you, not just on special occasions, but also as an everyday way of life.

     That’s what the Lord wants for you! And it’s what I want for you, too. That’s why I’d like to send you my 3-CD set, Real Miracles: God’s Promise for Everyday Living as my thank you gift for your support this month. I believe these three messages will help you remove any hindrances and make way for more of the miracles God has in store for you. They’ll help you put out darkness and confusion brought on by negative circumstances and bring in the light of God’s Word.

     Until the next time I write, please remember how much all of us here at Jack Hayford Ministries love you and thank God for your partnership in the Gospel. We count it to be an honor to serve the Lord with you and look forward to all He is going to do, as we keep growing in Him and continue . . .

Living in the Miraculous!


Pastor Jack

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