Your greatest strength is to stand still
and praise the Name of the Lord your God!

Praise is not just something God orders people to do for the sake of Him feeling His heavenly back scratched. It is a basic principle of the universe. A principle that, when observed, will work power in any situation.Pastor Jack


The Power and Majesty of Praise

The Father doesn't need our praise. So, why does He prescribe praise and worship as a daily activity? God graces His people with praise as a gift. One that gives us access to God’s throne room and brings power into the life of the believer. That is why, in appreciation for your support of the outreaches of Jack Hayford Ministries this month, we want to give you these helpful and encouraging resources from Pastor Jack Hayford:

For a gift of $40 or more, we’ll send you, The Power of Praise. In this 5-CD set, Pastor Jack reveals that when we enter into His presence, praise and worship fulfills our spiritual needs as nothing else can. As we recognize and acknowledge God’s holiness, we are liberated to discover genuine wholeness and our life is filled with power.

This 5-CD collection includes: Power of Praise – The Weight of Worship – Worship’s Authority – The High Cost of Self-Will – Why Don’t You Just Let Go?


As our “Thank You!” for your gift of $75 or more, we’ll also send you Pastor Jack Hayford’s revised edition of his classic book on worship. In it, Pastor Jack shows us the blessings of worship and how God’s grace fills everything He gives and calls us to do. When your worship enthrones His majesty, His grace will overflow on you with a flood of spiritual enrichment. No one else but God can truly lay claim to the position of highest value in any person’s life.