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Introducing the Jack Hayford Digital Library

Introducing the Jack Hayford Digital Library

We are excited to announce and invite you to experience the Jack Hayford Digital Library! 

The Jack Hayford Digital Library is a dynamically searchable website that houses thousands of Pastor Jack’s resources. Initially, this mobile-friendly site has almost 600 full- length sermon audios, two-page sermon summaries, and full transcripts.

The Digital Library is at its core a Pastor Jack search engine! You can search by any keyword, topic, scripture reference, or any other criteria you’d like. The sermons on the site have all been indexed to produce the most relevant results to your search.

As a friend of Jack Hayford Ministries, we want to include you and give you a special promotional rate to access this incredible resource. Sign up now for a free 15 day trial! 

To sign up, go to: www.jackhayfordlibrary.com

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God wants to reveal to you, in ever-increasing dimensions of fullness and grace, the full spectrum of blessing that His grace holds for you.

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