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Laying Hold of Tomorrow

Laying Hold of Tomorrow

Many of us have been impacted by shifting circumstances, relationships, or employment. Everyone can look back on disappointing, even heartbreaking, things we’ve faced and think that life didn’t seem to work out the way we expected it would (or should).

For some people, those experiences set boundaries on their hope. Hamstrung by the past, they fear being let down in the future and shrink back whenever there’s a prospect or possibility of moving forward. Sadly there are people who never see the sunlight of tomorrow because they live in the shadow of yesterday.

Throughout my life, each time I have had to leave something behind, it has led to something even more fulfilling and fruitful ahead. I want to be a person who lays hold of God’s promises by God’s pattern.

And I want to be a person who welcomes and embraces His Presence in my life so that I can help others. I want to lay hold of tomorrow, and if that’s your desire too, join me in reaching out with courage and conviction, because the Lord your God, by His Spirit and His Word, is right now reaching out to you...

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Sometimes, we can become spiritually parched...thirsty for the restorative Living Waters of the Holy Spirit. Discover how to restore your "wells" and become spiritually refreshed.

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