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How to Keep Yourself in Freedom

How to Keep Yourself in Freedom

The Lord Jesus Christ has not surrendered us to circumstance where we are like people walking through a mine field who never know if they’re going to get blown up. There is a relentless attack of the adversary. The fiery darts are raining around us everywhere.

Periodically, you may get hit by a dart, but that doesn’t mean you’re bound; it can just mean you’re wounded. But unless that wound is dealt with, it becomes infected, spiritually-speaking, and can begin to poison your system.

Part of the key for deliverance is finding that point of entry and letting Jesus nail the door shut. But for Him to nail the door shut, we must be able to recognize the attack.

Once the Adversary is flushed into the light, it’s amazing how unsuccessful his capacity is to retain any kind of stronghold in any part of our lives...

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