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Choosing Between Two Different Worlds

Choosing Between Two Different Worlds

Every day you and I, as believers in Jesus Christ, are confronted by things that require us to choose between two different worlds--that of the eternal Kingdom of God, and that of the world-environment in which we presently live. Those choices always revolve around one question:Is my character commanded by my Master, or by the mastery of the world whose games I can, with such ease, choose to play shrewdly?

All of us are born into this world, but when we receive new life in Jesus Christ, we are reborn-regenerated into another world. We choose not just a Savior, but whether we will live totally and completely of His re-"generation."

Which world we choose always has to do with whom we have chosen to serve, and how we steward that which we have been given-our lives, resources, and giftings. There is a point of accountability before the Lord to which all Jesus' disciples are called...

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God “richly gives us all things to enjoy” (1 Tim. 6:17, MEV). However, He has not tied that enjoyment exclusively to riches, but linked it to an even greater purpose and deeper experience.

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