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Refusing the Scrooge Spirit

Refusing the Scrooge Spirit

Over the years, I've encountered an amazing number of people who have decided not to celebrate Christmas. They've been taught it was designed after a pagan holiday. Or they say that nobody knows when Jesus was born, so it's hypocritical to celebrate on December 25th.

It is true, of course, that we don't exactly what day Jesus was born. But the fact is, we don't know it wasn't December 25th! At issue isn't which day, but that there ought to be some day. And Christmas on December 25th is the day that has been celebrated for a long time.

Years ago I decided I would never allow myself come to Christmas on the basis of the status quo, but that I would let the fresh joy of this season infuse my spirit, along with a child-like expectancy. Making a decision like that requires refusing another order of spirit-the "bah-humbug" attitude or "Scrooge spirit" that dampens delight and reduces our sense of animation, expectation, and welcome of the Lord and His season...

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Shine the Light of Hope

The hope Jesus gives our hearts is not a passing breath or fleeting vapor. The hope we have in Jesus is certain and is meant to be an anchor for our souls and a light to the world!

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