Has the place you used to get spiritually refreshed suddenly become bone dry? Somewhere along the line, have things stopped flowing like they did before?

God wants to rinse away that dusty taste in your mouth and refresh you each and every day. Especially as the holidays are approaching, we want to help you restore His marvelous flow of Living Water by sending you this special collection of “well-restoring” messages as a way of saying, Thank you! for your support.Pastor Jack


To thank you for your gift of $60 or more, we want to send you Pastor Jack’s special collection of messages entitled, Restoring the Wells of Living Waters.

In this 7-CD series, Pastor Jack assembles the powerful tools you’ll need to restore and replenish the sources of Living Waters that the Lord has for you. As you listen to each of these messages, Pastor Jack will help you evaluate what “wells” in your life need restoring. Plus, he will share what believers must do to move from the beginning of God's blessing, to the bounty of His blessing.

Messages included: Redigging the Wells – Lose ControlFind Abundance – Dynamic Stewardship – Breath of Thanksgiving – Mastering Mammon – Profit, Property and Possessiveness – Recovering Maximum Effectiveness