Let God's Wonderful Grace Empower You This Year! God's unmerited favor; that's the definition I had for the grace of God most of my life. But, it is not a complete definition!

God’s grace is an eternal proposition. It’s not just an introductory ticket bought by the blood of Jesus, or a kind of badge that allows backstage access to Heaven. God’s grace has much more to it than that. So, as my “thank you” for your support as we start a new year, I want to send you this special collection of messages called “Shouting Grace!” Pastor Jack


God wants to work with you in ever-increasing dimensions of fullness and grace, and Pastor Robert Morris joins with Pastor Jack to reveal the full spectrum of blessing that God’s grace holds for you. In this 6-CD set, you’ll discover the complete power that God’s grace brings and learn how to press in and receive an outpouring of God’s grace into your everyday challenges from the Holy Spirit. Each message will help you inject God’s wisdom into your choices, His power into your witness and His purity into your living.

Messages included: The Purpose of the Promise, Grace for Righteousness, The Fire in the Latter Rain, Grace at Work, Shouting “Grace!” to It, and Amazing Immutability.

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