Thank you, I was glad to get a e-mail from you. I am a missionary from West Virginia, living in Bungoma, Kenya. My first sermon so so many years ago was inspired by a sermon I heard from you. God bless.


Just wanted to wish you and all the ministry partners a Happy Rosh-Ha-shannah. Thank you so much for your ministry. What a tremendous gift God has given us in your commitment to God and His people. God bless you and love you all in Christ Jesus.


I am writing because I want Pastor Hayford to know how much his book "I'll Hold You In Heaven" helped me. The healing and hope offered me, a woman who has rejected the gift of life through abortion, has made a huge impact on my life. I know I have been forgiven, but Pastor Jack gave me a collection of questions and answers from scripture that shared God's Light. I know this book was published long ago, but it is so so so relevant now. I am sharing this book with my pastor. I am asking my pastor to help me prepare and to be present at the dedication of the children I have aborted. I am prepared and ready to offer love and hope to others before and after abortion decisions and will investigate serving the local Crisis Pregnancy Center. God bless Pastor Jack.


I listened to your Spirit Formed TV broadcast for the first time today, and I want you to know that I enjoyed you very much. Your kind, calm manner is extremely pleasant to listen to, as opposed to the many ministers who yell at me. Thank you for being there.


Dear Friend, I wanted to say that I love the set of your TV programme. It's informal and inviting. It's great, and really draws you in and helps to relate. The Lord encourage you. God bless you.


Dear Pastor Jack: I am a graduate of LIFE 1972. I just wanted to say Thank You for the ministry and the way you touched me and thousands of others. I will always cherish the exciting times of teaching and fellowship and the privilege to share those wonderful times of our Lord's visitation. Just wanted to say Thank You ....I love you...you are in my prayers and in my heart.


I just wanted to share that I reread my treasured copy of Jack Hayford's "The Key to Everything". It has again touched my heart, and God has used it once again to give direction to some of my spiritual questions. I have loved this book for many years, and I thought it was appropriate to express my gratitude after these many readings of it. Thank you Jack Hayford.


Down through the years there have been numerous ways but the one I want to tell you about happened twenty-two years ago last January. My husband had died with cancer in April, 1989. I attended a James Robinson Conference in Dallas, January 1990.. You were one of the featured speakers and you thought the Lord had brought you there to speak to the 15,000 people who attended that year, and maybe your message touched them like it did me. I know of a certainty God sent you with the message you had for me. Your topic was “Taking Hold Of Your Tomorrow.” It saved my life. Over the years I have recounted to other people the impact of that message. When you said "Moses my servant is dead, but you..." I heard the Lord say "David my servant is dead, but you..." and it pumped new life back into me. Just wanted to thank you for being His instrument and how you continue to be. Thanks!