Loved One, I urge you to—without fear—agree that Jesus wants to make you whole and stand firm in the confidence of that truth. There are times we shut ourselves out of God’s provision, because we are afraid it might not happen, and that will cause us to be embarrassed. But, please hear this, the Lord Jesus can make you whole. You must, however, choose to believe that truth and receive His healing!Pastor Jack


This is a season that the Lord is calling us to step out in faith!

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Healing is not arbitrary or an afterthought to salvation. Healing is tied up in the same package of total release that is promised to believers through the power of the cross. In this 5-message series, Pastor Jack shares the Biblical basis for the provision of health, healing, and deliverance made available to believers through Jesus and explains how to receive this promise into your life.

Messages include: The Gift of Healing, The Foundation of Healing, The Covenant of Healing, Understanding Hindrances to Healing and Will You Be Made Whole?