Let The Light of Hope Shine
Brightly in the New Year


The hope Jesus gives our hearts is not a passing breath or fleeting vapor. The hope we have in Jesus is certain and is meant to be an anchor for our souls—an anchor that is both sure and steadfast.Pastor Jack


We were blessed to see how so many friends of this ministry refocused their resources to give hope to those caught in the wake of natural disasters and man-made tragedies. We discovered that, due to the scope of the need this year, support to Jack Hayford Ministries was significantly down. As a result, we are now facing a deficit and need your help to get on firm financial footing.


Would you prayerfully consider a special gift of $100 or more this month? In appreciation, we will send you two special gifts:


First, Pastor Jack’s hope-filled audio album, The Light of Hope. As you listen, you’ll discover how to keep down a spirit of defeat and allow a spirit of hope to flourish in your life and shine brightly on those around you. The 4-CD set includes: Crowding Out the Darkness – Resting in His Eternal Hope – The Spirit of Enthusiasm – The Hope of His Calling


Next, we’ll send you Pastor Robert Morris’ powerful book, Why Keep Praying. In it, he reveals why it is so important not to stop—to never give up. This book provides hope and evidence for readers that God does hear their prayers, cares about them personally, and intervenes in their lives in ways beyond their imaginations.