March Ministry Letter

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March Ministry Letter

March 2020

Secure Your Destiny



“O Lord, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You maintain my lot.” Psalm 16:5

You Have a Destiny

The Bible says you and I were planned and designed by God from the beginning. Each of us before our conception were imagined and conceived in the mind of the Creator. God’s plans for us are wonderful and specific. They are filled with intended blessing, though not without trial because trials stretch and grow us. We are exercised by difficulty but never doomed in the face of trials and troubles but are brought through by victory.

The horror of losing our eternal soul is being apart from the One who purposed us. Having no purpose is a terrible thing—an endlessness of non-significance.

You Are Invited

Loved One, we are offered an invitation to be part of the God-designed purpose for our lives. Even at a baby dedication, the parents are saying, “We want this life to go the way of the Lord.” It waits ratification when the child makes a decision to follow Christ.

When we talk about destiny, we consider the sovereignty of God and responsibility of man and where they meet is at the power of God and choices of man. When you come into covenant with Christ, you re-enter the possibility of whatever you were intended to be.

The Cup of Promise

The twenty-third psalm says that God prepares a table before me and that my cup runs over. The overflowing cup describes an abundance of blessing and provision that we drink of. It includes our purpose and destiny.

‘My cup runs over’ is prophetically anticipative of when Jesus sat at a table and said “take this and drink all of it,” describing His forth-coming death but also what was being sealed forever of the recovery and redemption of any human destiny no matter how soured, ruined, or marred it may be by the works of the devil or the failure of our flesh.

Dear friend, when we come to the Lord’s Table, we ask Him to cleanse our sin and anything that would pollute our purpose by reason of our failure to understand it, our casualness about it, or our outright rebellion toward it. We drink the cup of the promise of the unfolding of His purpose in our lives day by day. By doing so, we are praying, “Lord let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth . . . in me.”

Without Him, You Can’t Get There

Our text has to do with partnering with the remarkable and bountiful dimension of His promise. Lord, there is nothing I have ever known, or that I will ever know, that can be produced by my goodness, my achievement, or my energy. There is nothing we can do to reach the designed purposes of our lives.

Some say, “Well, I’m onboard for the ride.” But we are on the ride of a place we cannot get to. Like on a plane, there are things we must do while on board, but we don’t control the direction or altitude. We cannot get to our purpose without our Champion’s power. There are those that hurry in their own energy after other goals and desires assuming that with their own intellect and determination, they can make it. Do you want the share God has for you or just something you can manipulate on your own?

Get All Your Inheritance

We must remember, ‘the Lord is our portion’ meaning He is our share. Just as you might have a share in stock, we are co-inheritors with Jesus. That is why your cup runs over—you get the whole thing!

I read a story of a man who won more than three hundred million dollars in a Powerball lottery and in five years ended up bankrupt. This illustrates what happens when the onward flow of destructive things come and the delusion that the secret of our success is from anything this world can provide.

I challenge you to put everything you have on the table and pray with me:

Heavenly Father, I’m all in with You and Your destiny for me. I acknowledge You ‘maintain my lot,’ planned from before creation. I declare You are my portion—my savior, my source, my supplier, and my sustainer. I choose to partner with You. In Jesus name, Amen.

Dear One, no matter what your past is you can have your inheritance. Lot, though deceived and captured, is recovered. Rahab, a harlot, is given a future. David, who acted foolishly and sinned, retains the possibilities God has for him. They all had a designed destiny and so do you. Will you say with David, “The Lord is my portion?”


God bless you,



Pastor Jack

P.S. I would like to send you some resources that will help you understand your destiny and how you can work with God to see it come to pass. I trust you will find them helpful. Thank you for your prayers and on-going support. They are appreciated very much.