A filthy spirit of division is spreading all around, but God has given you power to wash it away... starting with your house!

As it was with the first century Church, the Holy Spirit wants us to expect that same glory and presence to be with us and bring settled peace and certainty in our lives. The Spirit of God is saying to us, “I’m not going to forsake you. I’m going to lead you. I’m going to make your way clear.”Pastor Jack


Living in the spirit
How do you walk and live in the Spirit? How do you know the leading of the Holy Spirit? To help you answer these questions, Pastor Jack would like to send you these empowering resources in appreciation for your support this month:

For a gift of $25 or more, we’ll send you, Living in the Spirit. In this 4-CD set, Pastor Jack Hayford explains that the Lord longs to lead us by His Spirit, but sometimes we don’t recognize it. You’ll learn how to hear His voice and better understand how to follow His Spirit’s direction. You’ll also discover the importance of receiving a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit, so that you can see clearer, love dearer and walk nearer to the Lord.

The 4-CD collection includes: Led by the Spirit Pt. 1 – Led by the Spirit Pt. 2 – Receiving Fresh Surges of the Holy Spirit – Developing Dimensions of Spirit-Filled Living

Living the spirit formed life

As our “Thank You!” for your gift of $75 or more, we’ll send you Pastor Jack Hayford’s classic book on spirit-filled living, along with the Living in the Spirit 4-CD set. In it, Pastor Jack shares how to deepen your walk with the Lord by rediscovering the power and blessings of prayer and fasting, daily worship, and the release of repentance and forgiveness. You’ll find it to be an inspiring guide on how to live the Spirit-formed life… where God guides and we thrive!

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